Discgivings 2015 

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On October 17, 2015, please join us for a special charity disc golf event that will benefit The Rocky Mountain Raptor Program. For 33 years, Rocky Mountain Raptor Program has served the northern Colorado community through rescue, rehabilitation & release of injured birds of prey.  Their community-based team of veterinary experts and specially trained volunteers provide all aspects of raptor care ranging from compassionate medical care to constructing cages that serve as temporary homes for recovering birds.  Rocky Mountain Raptor Program also plays a vital role in community education and outreach, providing hands-on learning about raptor species and the environment.

At a glance:

     1. The Rocky Mountain Raptor Program admits about 300 raptors each year

     2. Eight staff members and nearly 140 active volunteers provide critical rehabilitative care

     3. Volunteers contribute more than 44,00 hours per year, averaging more than 120 hours each day, an amount equal to 22 employees.

     4. More than 80% of treatable birds are released


Area disc golfers, in the spirit of the season, wish to give back to our community.

We are hoping to have 75+ players and to raise over $5000.

This is a non-profit organization; donations are tax deductible.

Please donate to any or all of the following levels of sponsorship.  Sponsors will be announced twice during the tournament. Banners will be displayed and a logo and a link will be placed on this website.

7th Biannual Discgivings Charity Benefit

Suggested sponsorship levels

All Cash donations go directly to Rocky Mountain Raptor Program, all merchandise and promotional items go to the registered participants.

Supporter $1 - $25    

  Everything helps! 

Player       $40          

   Play a round of disc golf with us! Everyone is a winner in this event with prizes for all!

   ($50  The day of the event) 

Bronze      $75         

     Your personal name or company’s full color logo on one tee sign to be displayed throughout the event.

Silver        $125       

     Bronze level benefits, plus business coupons, fliers, or other paper handouts to be given to all players who attend the tournament, as part of the players’ package. Sponsorship acknowledged at opening and awards ceremonies.

Gold         $200        

     All of the Silver and Bronze level benefits, plus any tangible promotional items (non-paper) to be included in the players’ package.  A total of 2 tee signs to be displayed throughout the event. A sponsor provided banner will be placed near the event pavilion.

Platinum   $300       

     All of the Gold, Silver, and Bronze level benefits, plus your website posted on www.discgivings.org with a direct link to your business for 18 months.  A total of 3 tee signs to be displayed throughout the event.

Premier     $500+     

     You get all of the above benefits, plus a table at the event pavilion that may be used to promote your company or business (non-vending).  A representative may from your organization also have up to 3 minutes of time to speak during the players’ meeting.  Premier sponsorships may be tailored to meet the promotional needs of your business or company.


For any questions, please feel free to contact me!  Susan Lande, Fundraising director.  970-402-7808 dscn4life@yahoo.com